Tuscan have three wood flooring ranges which tend to offer something slightly different to the traditional look of oak floor. All are manufactured to a high standard. We stock their solid, elite engineered and engineered ranges as well as colour complemented fitting products. See below for more details.

Elka solid wood flooring has bags of style and character and is available in contemporary and traditional finishes. It's important to remember that solid wood flooring is not suitable for all installations. Once a piece of timber is felled it will continue to react to changes in relative humidity (RH) throughout it's working life and this can cause problems in environments with high fluctuations in RH....typical examples being conservatories, bathrooms and rooms with underfloor heating. We do install solid wood flooring over underfloor heating but there is an increased risk of the timber moving (splitting or cupping) over time so this is an important factor to consider.

Elka solid flooring is made from high quality solid timber (oak or acacia)with random length, 18mm thick boards. All come with a 20 year structural warranty. These floors can be fitted by gluing to the subfloor, nailing or screwing it to timber or even floating over elka’s 3in1 underlay.

Engineered flooring is made by bonding a layer of hardwood (the bit you see) to a stable core made of several layers of hardwood or softwood. The result is a floor which looks and feels like solid wood but had much greater dimensional stability allowing it to be used in more challenging environments.

Elka’s range of engineered flooring offers something for everyone. Firstly, there is the 12.5mm and 14mm range with the uniclick fitting system similar to that found in laminate systems, so it’s easy to install. The 18mm flooring is a traditional tongue and groove flooring which has a 4mm wear layer and added acoustic and thermal properties. The 21-22mm range is also tongue and groove and has a 6mm wear layer and it is load bearing so it can be fixed directly to joists.

All of elkas engineered flooring is suitable for laying over underfloor heating.

Elka’s laminate flooring range has style in abundance. Their laminate boards look great and are manufactured to strict standards, resulting in great wear properties.

The 7mm classic range are guaranteed for 15 years. The 8mm range is guaranteed for 20 years.

All come with Elka’s patented uniclick fitting system making installation simple for the capable DIYer. All can be used in conjunction with elka’s noise reducing underlay and are suitable for laying over underfloor heating.